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Fated In Chaos

Nine years ago, when the Chaos stopped, and Rafe Thompson had a bitter falling out with his father, he walked away from his pack. Now his father is dying, and the prodigal son must leave the city and return home to reclaim his birthright as the Alpha of the Dread Canyon pack or lose it forever.

Maya Bloom chalked up the murmurings and rumors about Chaos Valley as superstition and silly ghost stories. She won’t be scared away from doing the job she’s been paid to do, which is to survey the land for potential construction.

When the Chaos hits, and what Maya thought was myth turns out to be fact, she’s in for a rude awakening. On the brink of being captured by one of the packs, she’s rescued by Rafe, who quickly goes from being her saving grace to her captor.

Now, not only is Rafe saddled with fighting for his position of Alpha from foes within and outside his pack; but with the return of the Chaos, he also finds himself locked in a battle of wills with Maya, the maddening, but sexy human, who is his fated mate. It won’t go over well with his pack that she’s working with the enemy to buy and build on pack lands.

Will Maya come to accept their mate bond and stop trying to resist him? Will Rafe be able to win the battle for Alpha or will he be destroyed?


In Chaos Valley, there is only one way for wolves to find their fated mates. Once a year, in the heat of summer, the Chaos descends.

Seven days and seven nights for your animal instincts to run wild under the blood-red moon. One week to find the wolf or wolves who would make your lives complete.

But, without warning, it stopped. Nine long years have passed since this essential magic bathed these territories. And when it finally returns, anarchy will reign.

What kind of madness and mayhem will abound when the wolves of Chaos Valley are finally let off their leash? When their one shot at true and abiding love is finally set free?

Dive into the world of the Wolves of Chaos Valley and read eleven stories of fated mates, steamy hot alphas and feisty heroines.

Release Date: May 31, 2021

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