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Love Delayed In Dublin

Jordan Cross and Conor Byrne shared one magical New Year’s Eve in NYC… and then he disappeared. When Jordan finds him in Dublin again, the passion they share still burns bright—yet their worlds don’t mesh. They’ve lost eight years—what will they risk now for true love?

Ticket to True Love is a new series about fresh beginnings, second chances, and finding true love in unexpected places. Visitors to True Springs are skeptical about the town’s legendary water leading them to love, but residents believe. Even they don’t realize, however, that the water is only part of the story…

Love Delayed In Dublin is now available in ebook and paperback on all major platforms.




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🌻 Mini Review: Love Delayed in Dublin by Moni Boyce was such a joy of a book. It blended the sweet with the spicy beautifully. It had characters that were driven, well thought out, and absolutely fun to read about. The setting was to die for; I mean, c'mon. Who DOESNT love a book set in Ireland? Overall this is one of my favorite romance books EVER, and I recommend it to EVERYONE.

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