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Jaded In Jackson Revised & Updated

The book has been re-edited and expanded.

I’m Sorry.

As you know I recently had a release at the end of February, Jaded In Jackson. If you have already purchased or read it, I owe you an apology.
Personally, I have been dealing with a lot, along with returning to full-time work after a year. Not to make excuses, but all of that effected me finishing this book the way I should have. I rushed the last half of the book to get it out and not get penalized by Amazon.
I strive to always put out my best work, because I know there are tons of other books, other authors that you can read, and I fell short of the mark this time around. I always try to own up to my mistakes and correct them when I can. I don’t want to short change you, the readers, or the characters, that deserve to have their story told in the right way.
So, over the last week, I went back into the manuscript and corrected any typos, errors. I also revised and expanded the last 6 chapters or so, adding on another 5500 words. The new version has now been uploaded to Amazon. I’m not sure if Amazon will push out an update or not for people that have already downloaded or purchased, but if they haven’t, please reach out to me, I am happy to send you the updated version.
I always want readers of my books to have a good experience, and continue picking up my books. Please know that moving forward you will continue to get the caliber of work you’ve previously gotten before this grave error.