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Joining New Contemporary Romance Series!

Check out some exciting news for 2020!

I’m excited to announce that I was recently invited to write for a new series that debuted on Oct. 8th. The series is called Ticket to True Love.

It’s a series about fresh beginnings, second chances, and finding true love in unexpected places. Visitors to True Springs are skeptical about the town’s legendary water leading them to love. Residents believe wholeheartedly, but even they don’t realize that the water is only part of the story…

I’m excited to join the other amazing writers to bring this series to you: JB Schroeder, Savannah Kade, Christi Snow, Shirley Hailstock, Julie Strauss, Terri Osburn, Kim Law, Christine Ashworth, Holland Rae, Rebecca Fairfax, Nicki Salcedo and Jennifer Wilck.

The books shown are only the beginning of the journey! Many more books are coming soon, and with each one, you will learn a bit more about True Springs and the legend that began it all.

My first book in the series will be released 6/23/2020, so stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the first 3 books in the series that have already been released.

Click the links below to check it out!

Practically Persuaded in Pittsburgh –

That Night in Nashville –

Amorous in Appleton –

Hot Nights in Honolulu –

Sure to Fall in Sedona –

Ticket To True Love Series Page: