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When I woke up this morning to see the notification that this book was ready for download, I knew it would be a great day of reading the continuation of one of my absolutely favorite paranormal romance series. Moni Boyce breathes life into all her stories with her masterful storytelling. She has such a gift for it.

I'm already waiting for the next book to come out. Eager to see the finale of Willow, Eli, and all of the protectors current story. I LOVE this story so much and everyone needs to give it a shot. Well, only if you want to read a story with great, believeable characters and a artistically pieced together plot.

Jessica Roope on Goodreads

Is Willow destined to become a vampire bride? Or is she strong enough to save them all?

After suffering a devastating tragedy, Willow, Eli and the Protectors find themselves back in Salem, consumed with anger and grief.

Mastering her powers and abilities hasn’t been the easiest journey. She’ll need to reach deep within, if she’s going to succeed in defeating Killian. It’s the only way to avoid becoming his vampire bride.

To save everyone, including herself, Willow makes choices that may threaten her bond with Eli and remove her from the safety of the Protectors.

With stakes this high, can love survive? Will her greatest risk pay off?


EMPOWERED is the third installment in The Oracle Chronicles series. 

**This book is part of a series and ends in a cliffhanger**